Dhukarr ga Rom Marŋgithinyaraw Bala-räliyunmirr Yolŋuw ga Balandaw - LearningPathways YolŋuBalanda

Yolŋu are First Nations Australian people from North-East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia; Balanda are non-Indigenous people.

The LearningPathways YolŋuBalanda app supports Yolŋu to understand Balanda education systems and Balanda to recognise and respect Yolŋu education systems.

The app includes four sections:

  1. A dictionary of English terms that Yolŋu wanted explained in Djambarrpuyŋu (a Yolŋu language);
  2. A Yolŋu child's developmental pathway including ways that family monitor and support children's development;
  3. Explanations of the Australian education pathway (relevant to the Northern Territory) and services for children and families at Galiwin’ku; and
  4. Videos to support Balanda to recognise Yolŋu education processes within ceremonial contexts.

These resources were co-created through a collaborative research project in the remote Yolŋu community of Galiwin’ku.

The project - Dharaŋanamirr dhukarr guŋgayunaraw djamarrkuiw’ ga gurruṯumirriw marŋgikunharaw ḏälkunharaw gakalwun dhiyakun märrmaw’nha romgun - Understanding pathways to support Yolŋu children and families to achieve strong learning in two systems: A Participatory Action Research Project - was funded by an AIATSIS Research Exchange Grant from 2020-23.