These talking books are two outputs from a research project called Ŋuthanmaram djamarrkuḻiny' märrma'kurr romgurr: Growing up children in two worlds. They follow the development of two of the children who participated: Gutjan and Gudjuk. The books illustrate some of the priorities that Yolŋu families have for their children's development - which are some of the key findings from the research. All families have given their permission for images and recordings to be used in these talking books. 


Gutjan's Story - Dhuwal dhäwu Gutjangalaŋawuy



Growing up Gudjuk 




Jenine Godwin-Thompson is a Yuggera Aboriginal woman from South-East Queensland and a member of the Growing up children in two worlds research team. Jenine encourages people working with Aboriginal children and families to listen and learn, build awareness and reflect on how these talking book resources might provide ideas for communication and engagement with Aboriginal communities.